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Sun, fun, sport and adventure. Come to Colico where Como Lake meets the Alps. Explore the region, share the good times, live your best Italian times!

Water sports

The lake is a playground. The north winds play with its waters. Imagine kitesurfing and windsurfing on Lake Como. Emotion, challenge, adrenalin. What are you waiting for?

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Windsurfing like the champs in Colico! Windsurfing is chasing the wind, riding the waves. Here – at the top of the lake – you find the right conditions for the perfect glide!


Colico is one of the best kitesurfing spots on Lake Como. You can start directly from the grass beach, or you can ask for a boat-lift. As soon as the Breva rises, it’s time to grab your board and start smiling!


Kayak and SUP offer you to discover hidden corners of rare beauty, surrounded by nature and animals. Paddling on Lake Como is so relaxing… And what a beauty!


Grass, sand and pebbles, or rocks. There is room for everyone and everything at the Colico beaches: lie in the sun, listen to the sound of the waves, have a drink with friends, take a kitesurfing lesson, or run into the water. Refreshing, isn’t it?


Acking, jibing. Be the sailor of Lake Como! Go full sail, navigating here is an immersion in dreamy panoramas. Colico is chosen for numerous international regattas. It is no coincidence!


Colico is the best place for those who love trying out innovative sports like wakeboard, wing foil, flyboard, hydrofoil. If you want to try something new, Colico is the right place!

di Piona

Crystal clear water, beaches and coves, typical restaurants and an ancient abbey. Piona Bay is the place to breathe the beauty of Colico and of its nature. A true corner of paradise!

mountain sports

Hiking, running, climbing, always overlooking the most beautiful lake in the world, Lake Como. Only here, in Colico.

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It is the symbol of Colico and climbing it is more than a thrill. Monte Legnone (2610 m asl) is the highest mountain in the area and from its summit you can enjoy an extraordinary panorama of Lake Como, Valtellina, Valchiavenna and beyond. Start walking!


To take a break, there is no better place than an alpine hut! Rifugio Scoggione (1575 m asl) is in an alpine pasture on Monte Legnone, on the border between the forest and the rocks. Feel like at home!


What is better than a horse riding on Lake Como? Riding in the wood, along the river or on the beach at sunset. What a magical adventure!


An open-air history lesson. The trench remains on a mountain that has never seen the war. Legnone and Legnoncino were and still an example of history-nature coexistence. The Northern Frontier was built during the Great War (here between 1916 and 1917). Have you ever thought of learning history by walking?


In search of a climbing sport? Sass Negher is the answer! Colico crag, in granite, is for all seasons! The open-air gym – overlooking the beautiful Piona bay – is of medium-easy level (difficulty 4a to 6b) with SE exposure, at low altitude.


Running by the lake, on the hills or in the wood. Colico area is full of trails for all running specialities. Top recommended trails: Montecchio Sud, Sentiero del Viandante (Colico-Dorio-Dervio), Rusico-Scoggione.

Sentiero del

Feel like an ancient traveler on the Sentiero del Viandante, today a hiking route, for centuries the connection between Milan and the alpine passes. The path follows the entire eastern branch of Lake Como halfway up the coast for more than 70 km, passing through villages, castles, olive groves. Everything is so Instagrammable!

Torre di

History in Italy is everywhere and a walk in the forest can also be a leap back in time. Torre di Fontanedo, built in the 14th century, is a perfect example. Visit the tower, climb the stairs and enjoy the panorama on Colico and the lake. Take a photo!


Monte Legnoncino (1714 m asl) is the little brother of Monte Legnone, a trail for training or an enjoyable walk with the family. You can follow a mule track, or ”Direttissima” path. The panorama is the gift!

Bike & e-bike

Bici da strada, MTB, e-bike. Colico offre infinite possibilità di riding. Percorsi per ogni abilità, ampi dislivelli e super panorami come cornice per le tue avventure in bicicletta. Salta in sella!

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lake como

160 km cycling along the most beautiful lake in the world. What a challenge! Lago di Como bike tour is a great classic, a must to have for cyclists: villages, mountains, trattorias. Start from Colico, follow the “inverted Y” and enjoy the road.

ring of

Bike and history. You can reach Torre di Fontanedo, a Middle Ages tower, by mountain bike following a medium-level trail. Take a break, park the bike and visit the tower! The panorama from Fontanedo is amazing!


Cycling in a beautiful Reserve? Yes, in Colico you can! Riserva Naturale Pian di Spagna e Lago di Mezzola is a unique and precious environment because it is a “nest” for various animal species. The plain is crossed by easy trails, such as Sentiero Valtellina and Ciclabile Valchiavenna. Get your camera ready!


Landscapes and trails! Colico offers the right mix for exploring the area by mountain-bike. On the slopes of the Legnone and Legnoncino mountains, there is always a new trail to try!


Colico is the perfect start for road bike tours. From here you can plan your epic “Lake Como tour” or set off to conquer the great alpine passes. Every cyclist’s dream!


E-bikes open up the possibility of beautiful, effortless tours for everyone. Montecchi tour, Monte Legnoncino: cycle with your friends in places to be remembered.

italian life

Ciao, aperitivo, buonissimo, bellissimo. Just some words you need to know, the rest is kindly offered from Lake Como, its nature, its food and wine, its people. So, relax on the beach, have fun with friends, enjoy the real Italian life!

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The main square, where people meet and things happen. Piazza Lago is right in the centre of Colico, near the small harbour. There are restaurants, bars, ice-cream shops and events… The only thing missing is you!


Colico also means wines. The estates are surrounded by greenery, with views of the blue lake and the Legnone. The wines are excellent, the fruit of vineyards illuminated by a unique light and caressed by the Lario breeze.

Molini di

A bit of local history. As the oldest part of Colico, the village of Villatico is the witness of a centuries-old story. Walking its streets you can find six mills and some can be visited.

Latteria di

Founded in 1915, Latteria di Villatico is the Colico diary, where local farmers collect milk. The result is the best cheese that you can taste here, in the cellar! The smell is something… No, there are no words to describe it!

di Piona

Pray and work. That’s the rule! Consecrated in 1138, Abbazia di Piona is a rare example of Lombard Romanesque and it is placed on the peninsula of Olgiasca in a panoramic position. The plus is that you can visit the abbey guided by the Cistercian monks who live, pray and work here.


Concerts, markets, regattas. Every day there is an event in Colico! The calendar, especially in summer, is full of events for everyone. Check out at the link below and save the date!

we are near-by

Lake Como, the Italian Alps, Switzerland. Colico is right in the centre of a very beautiful area full of history, nature, activities, culture and much more! Colico is no more than an hour’s drive from the best locations of Lombardy (but you can also get there by train, bus… or you can go by bicycle).

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