Cadorna line Legnone and Legnoncino

Good for those wanting to combine trekking and history

The Cadorna Line or Northern Frontier is a defense complex dating back to World War I that started at the Great St. Bernard Pass and ended at the Malenco and Fontana valleys in Valtellina.

Colico bears direct witness to the mobilization to protect the country due to the presence of Fort Montecchio Nord, the best-preserved World War I fort in Europe.

The area allows tourists to visit firsthand the places crossed by the Line, here declined to “Legnone Military Road.” In fact, along the sides of Mount Legnone, trenches, emplacements, caves and walkways have been made to re-emerge, which can be reached by following path 1B marked by the CAI of Colico. Departure for the summit is from Robustello (Colico) where you leave your car, follow the Fontanedo Ring for the first stretch, and then continue on Bregamin Trail 3. A stop for hikers who want to indulge is the Scoggione Hut (1595 m), about halfway up: first follow CAI Colico Trail 5 and then join Pivion Trail 2.
The sections mentioned are for experienced hikers only, so good physical preparation and appropriate clothing are recommended.

The peak can be reached in 6 hours starting from the Roccoli-Lorla Refuge following path 1A, intermediate difficulty. From the same hut, you leave for Monte Legnoncino, where the Cadorna defensive line continues. The distance is about an hour, also practicable by mountain bike and strollers, walk immersed in history and nature recommended for all families.

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