A level route that follows the bike path from Colico almost the entire way us the valley to the quaint town of Chiavenna. The picturesque Lake Mezzola, the river Mera and the mountains of the valley are the backdrop to this pleasant excursion. There is also the possibility to return to the starting point by train.

Starting from the car park of the Colico playground, with the station behind, go right on Viale Padania, pass through the roundabout onto Via Forte di Fuentes until Monteggiolo. At the junction turn left into Via Adda, then take a right on the bike path parallel to the river. After a long straight you reach the bridge over: go under and turn right onto the ramp up until the junction with the SS36.

Cross the bridge and immediately turn right, following the towpath of the river. After about 800 meters, turn left away from the riverbank. Initially the path is not very visible on the escarpment; continue on the narrow street lined with wooden stakes and barbed wire. After about 100 m, the path becomes paved; continue until the stop sign, turn right (entering into Dubino), then steer left at the fork and follow Via Vanoni until the junction with Via Don L. Guanella. Turn left at the stop sign and take a right on SS36. At the roundabout take the third exit (direction Como /Lugano) and proceed to the right in Via Casello 7.

After passing the last houses, turn left before the level crossing leading to the bike path marked trail # 6 Route Valchiavenna; after an underpass, the trail continues on an abandoned stretch of road (SS36) and then through a tunnel, on the lakeside of Verceia and parallel to the railway. Passing the creek Ratti, keep to the right hand of the water and after the Verceia station join onto another disused stretch of road for ‘Campo, where a “double S” bend precedes the straight leading to the wooden bridge over the river Codera. At the junction in front of the playground, steer left and continue parallel to Lake Mezzola and the channel of Meretta until the village Novate Mezzola, where you take a left on SP2 Trivulzia passing a small bridge.

At the next junction turn left into Via Giumello and, following directions, go along the long stretch parallel to the river Mera passing under the bridge Ponte Nave. At the bridge of S. Pietro di Samolaco cross the road and continue straight for about 3 km until you reach the main road to Gordona: at this point turn left, abandoning the signage # 6 and cross the cement walkway over the river continuing on the bike path running parallel to the river Mera. At the next junction go right uphill until you reach the large wooden bridge at Mese: follow it, continuing straight in Via ai Raschi, until crossing the SS36 and arriving at your destination:
Chiavenna! Continue on along Via S. Rosalia, turning right into Via P. Bossi and cross the bridge that leads you over the river Mera and onto the square Piazza Pestalozzi.

From here, follow Via Dolzino to the left to reach Piazza Bertacchi, turn right on Viale Matteotti; arriving finally at the Chiavenna train station where you can load the bikes and go easily by train to the station of Colico. Otherwise if you wish to return to Colico via bicycle, simply retrace the path you came on.

Departure and arrival: Colico children’s playground
Distance: 31km
Difficulty level: moderate
Elevation gradient: min 210-max 320m
Estimate time: 3 hours
Recommended period: all year around


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