Circuito Indoor – Outdoor

Adrenaline and fun will be the ingredients of your holiday!

Lario Motorsport is a circuit of the latest generation, consisting of an indoor track of 600 m and an external track of 300 m available in different variants that give rise to a 900 m multi-storey circuit unique throughout Italy. Fleet of karts and motorcycles for adults and children are available to allow beginners and experts to have fun with family or friends in safety!


  • Via Borgofrancone, 1, Colico

Affidati all'esperienza di:

Ufficio Turistico Comune di COLICO, Via Pontile nº7 - 23823 COLICO (LC) -  Tel.: 0341 930930 - e-Mail: - P.IVA 01686210137

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