Wakeboarding in the artificial pond

No matter who you are, wakeboarding is for you!

As early as 1 year of age you can start practicing the discipline of cable wakeboarding. Known as one of the fastest learning board sports it is suitable for all age groups and experience levels.

Wakeboarding gives unique thrills by letting you glide over the water with a board thanks to an electric and therefore “green“ tow system.

The environment offers a chill area with beach chairs and umbrellas, a small gym, and a chance to taste Thai cuisine.

For info on prices visit the website.


Ufficio Turistico Comune di COLICO, Via Pontile nÂș7 - 23823 COLICO (LC) -  Tel.: 0341 930930 - e-Mail: info@visitcolico.it - P.IVA 01686210137

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