Lucie at sunset

Passeggiata sul Lago con la tipica barca “Lucia”.

The “Lucia”, woman’s name, is the kind and noble symbol of the Lario’s sailors.

Its notoriety is linked to the novel “I Promessi Sposi”. It was aboard a Lucia that Alessandro Manzoni imagined the escape of Lucia Mondella and Renzo Tramaglino from Don Rodrigo.

Sail the waters of the lake with the hypnotic noise of the oar that enters the water, the small waves broken by the expert touch of the rowers… You can experience all this on board of one of these precious and rare boats.

From Dervio you will sail for Corenno at nightfall when the wind subsides and the lake is calm and relaxed.

Lucie at sunset. A unique experience.


DAYS OF THE TOUR: July, 17th and 24th – August, 7th

DURATION: 3 hours

participation fee €  45

max 4 people

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